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Mobile Trailer

We have a beautiful axe-throwing trailer we’d love to bring to your private event or other special occasion. We provide the trailer, a lane marshall to ensure everyone safely has a great time, and staff to sign people in.. Our mobile package starts at $1,500 for a 4-hour event, and is available in Central Oregon and Northern California.

Note: our trailer is just shy of 14’ tall and 24’ long so you’ll need to verify that we can make it to the property to set up.

Code of Conduct

  1.  You must sign a waiver to be in the axe-throwing area 
  2. Axes stay in the cages 
  3. Throw one axe at a time 
  4. Throw from a safe distance 
  5. Only aim at the target 
  6. Throw together, retrieve together 
  7. Set your drinks down to throw 
  8. Pass axes handle first 
  9. Check your surroundings 
  10. Yellow Card = WARNING, Red Card = EJECTION 
  11. If you are ejected or told to stop throwing your throwing fee is forfeit

    We are here to make sure you are being SAFE and having FUN! 

    Coaches love tips!